Nano trees image: Tom Jackson, Penn. State U.

IBM 7-nanometer chip.

ROLLING SCREEN: Sony’s human hair-thin, 80 microns in thickness, flexible OLED prototype display: 4” wide - resolution: 432 x 240, with a contrast ratio of ~1,000:1. The display can stream video even while it is being rolled.

August 2017

The Brain - The Neurosciences and Neural Networks

Machine intelligence and the connections to the brain's architecture & operations

Selfdriving Vehicles Are Sweeping Rapidly into an Unprepared Future

Cars are on the roads - drones are in the skies - planning & legislation are lagging

Neural Network Computing and Deep Learning Are Ascending

Machine intelligence is sweeping the globe - hype dangers - the future of neural nets?

33 Years After - MI and Invisible Computing
Future Trends to Help World Working?

Manufacturing is an Issue as Technology Molts and Transforms

3D Printing for Desktop & Beyond - Robots make robots - Molecular manufacturing?

The Role of the Sciences in Determining Potential Futures
Biological, computational & nano sciences provide views of what's here and to come

The Age of Assistants Is Here, Now
Going beyond the screen to voice-driven interfaces and conversational agents

Tumultuous Change - Brittle Social Structures - MI? - What's the Plan?
There is enough - Rethinking: A Global Manhattan Project - What Do You Do?

2016: A Year for More Machine Intelligence and Neural Networks
US government recognizes importance of AI - Ethics and morals step forward - Go! - UBI

Self-Organization in Computing, Biology and Chemistry
Advances in computing and data sciences are integrating with biology, chemistry

US White House, UK & Five Big Companies Weigh in on AI/MI
Conferences Focus on State-of-the-Art Machine Intelligence & AI Ethics

Machine Intelligence Applications Abound in Diverse Domains -Many disciplines make use - penetration of deep learning systems are pronounced - Selfdriving Updates

Selfdriving Vehicles Move Into High Gear and Accelerate
Automakers, Insurance, Ridehailing and More Face Disruptions & Reconfigurations

Globalization Disruptions Now - Governments are fragmenting yet science and technology push on to one world

Another Singularity, Perhaps?
The coming globalization of smartphone supercomputing - A world connected…

The Next Version of INTELLIGENCE
Machine intelligence observations, insight and analysis - the tumultuous AI news cycle

Machine Intelligence - Friend? Foe?
If they can do everything better than humans will they take over? - lost jobs

Intelligent Assistants
 Viv demonstrates dynamic program generation

Leon Cooper & Neural Networks
Nestor: a business full of promise: many failures

Future Plans for INTELLIGENCE
New features will be added this year and ei, the website will be revised Chatbots & Mixed Reality

Two new platforms point to future directions for interface technology

AlphGo Triumphs - Beats Human
This signifies a new era for neural network computing and software - changes to come

Encryption: The Heart of the Battle Between Privacy and Security
The long history of the US goverment effort to contain strong encryption

2016: Intelligence Progresses, Or, More of the Same?
What is the impact of new technologies in comparison to past revolutions?

2015: The Year of Deep Learning Neural Networks Working
Many express trepidations about the future of artificial intelligence & robotics

The Tools of Machine Learning Are Being Seeded for the Future
Inspired by neural net successes, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM offer their ML kits

Quantum Reality Is Proved Again
"Spooky action at a distance" - Entaglement

When Will the World Focus on Solving Our Vital Energy Issues?
We extract energy out of the earth but still can't easily store or transmit it

Work and Working: A Focus On One of the BIG Future Problems -
With the Technology Advances, Some Say Up to 80% of All Jobs Will Soon Disappear

Moore’s Law Marches Onward - IBM’s Passes Intel With 7 nm Chip - Node Test Chips Have Functioning Transistors Production: Two Years Away

Deep Learning Neural Networks: the Future of Machine Intelligence - A special issue of Intelligence devoted to revolutions in speech, other recognitions

Patriot Act Renewal Vexes US Congress - NSA Spying Expires - The revelations of Edward Snowden finally result in governmental non-action!

The Threats of the Singularity - Will There Be Many Singularities? - Why Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Bill Gates expressed their fears to the public

Work Still Needed in Both ASR and All Devices Wireless Connectivity - Speech recognition should be ubiquitous and we should be able to not use wires

United States Regulators Propose an Open Internet -
FCC chair sides with President - To issue order for net to be regulated as a utility

AI, Neural Nets come into a new age of sophistication: speculations and concerns

2014: The Year of Machine Intelligence and AI

Once Again, US Congress Gives NSA the Right to Spy on Everyone - Despite revelations by Snowden last year, all our communications + are monitored.

After Revealing Surveillance by US Intelligence, Risen Takes on War - James Risen, New York Times reporter and author, shows how wars costs us trillions

Inequality and Making the World Work - GREAT disparities - Distribution problems - Can these errors be fixed? How? Now?



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Nanowires may link nano transistors.